About Us

Company History

The idea of creating BJM Consulting Associates, LLC came to Mr. Michael Viatkine in 2003 when he was the corporate manager of Loss Prevention and Investigations at the Gucci Group, Inc. It was the result of his incorporating, in the United States, elements of psychology as a component in the professional training of security officers at Gucci Group, Inc. in New York and New Jersey.

BJM Consulting Associates, LLC was organized in 2004 in the United States as an independent consulting company. Over the course of several years the company conducted international financial and special background investigations as part of the US business market for leading international companies such as Cartier, Guess, De Beers and Gucci Group, as well as the insurance companies Equitable Life and Prudential. During this time, the company continued its theoretical and practical work training security officers in the sphere of private business.

In the period from 2008 to 2010 the security department directors of David Yurman, Hermes, Hublot, Ralph Lauren, Ivanka Trump were consulted regarding the openings of these companies’ largest stores in New York and guaranteeing their security. In 2011 the Director of the security department of Graff Diamonds was advised on the issue of preparedness of the department for the international auditing.

Beginning in 2009 Mr. Michael Viatkine started developing his system of training security officers, incorporating it into the functioning of De Beers Corporation in the United States.

From 2011 BJM Consulting Associates attracted the cooperation of Russian specialists in the spheres of leadership and psychological security. For the first time in Russia the representatives of our company participated in discussions of security problems, arranged by the Social Defense Department of Moscow’s Government. On the invitation of the Professional Development Institute for leadership and the Moscow Social Defense Department’s specialists our staff conducted a series of training sessions aimed at assuring the security of private businesses. Among our partners in Russia is a company called “The Art of Business Life” which specializes in creating business training geared at both the personal and professional development of clients.

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist in the training of professionals of the highest caliber in the sphere of leadership and assuring business security, and to ensure the achievement of maximum stability and development of private business with the help of modern psychological technologies and active methods of instruction based on scientific findings in the sphere of security psychology.

– We direct our knowledge, energy and experience towards the development of the highest quality of instructional materials corresponding with world standards.

– We are open to creative ideas and are always seeking unique solutions.

Principles of our Work

Company’s Reputation: The company’s success is based on its impeccable reputation. We value business reputation and steadily fulfill the obligations which we have taken on. We are trying to build long lasting relationships with partners and clients, steadily following the principles of reliable, mutually beneficial cooperation. We put forward new goals on a daily basis, strive to support and solidify our reputation through honest, responsible and respectful relationships with clients and personnel. Responsibility, business reliability and the guarantees of steady growth of both our company and our clients’companies are paramount for us.

Professionalism: Our employees have the knowledge and experience necessary for the effective solution to problems encountered by the client. The foundation of the business products offered by BJM Consulting Associates LLC is based on modern scientific findings in the sphere of security psychology.

Client Centeredness: Our clients (business leaders, middle and high level managers, security management and personnel) can rest assured that BJM Consulting specialists do their business in accordance with world quality standards of service and incorporate into our approach the individual specifics of the client’s business.

Economic effectiveness: We strive to achieve the maximum results from the optimum application of human, technical and financial resources.

Our Values

– Conscientiousness and the development of long lasting mutually beneficial relations with clients and partners.

– Trust and responsibility.

– Team orientation and achieving results.

– Striving for perfection.

– Taking initiative and using creativity.