The art of management from the World Leaders: First-Hand Technologies

BJM Consulting Associates (USA) and Non-state Educational Business Entity “The Art of Business Life”, are presenting the unique program to your attention.

This program is conducting by the Business Executives of the world’s largest corporations, such as Tiffany & Co, De Beers, Gucci Group, Dolce & Gabbana, Cartier and others, whose achievements in management are highly recognized in the world business community.

To owners of business and corporate executives. We recommend to direct for training: managers and staff of security, risk management, internal audit, control and revision departments.

Training seminar for Tiffany Security Management

From corporate security leaders to business leaders. Modern world technologies to secure your company

The International Institute of Management for Business Associations of The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, the American company BJM Consulting Associates and NEE “The art of business life” are announcing the launch of a unique program of webinars “ART OF MANAGING OF WORLD LEADERS: TECHNOLOGIES FROM FIRST HANDS”.

In the educational program are participating the first persons of the world’s largest corporations, such as Tiffany & Co, De Beers, Gucci Group, Dolce & Gabbana, Cartier and others, whose achievements in management were recognized outstanding in the world’s business community. Feature of the project is that the leading managers of world scale not just reading the lecture about their experiences, as it usually is. In co-creation with the world’s businessmen Russian coaches NEE “The art of business life” and BJM CONSULTING transformed this experience into the concrete tools and created a training product. This means that the world’s leading management technologies are become available for use in the Russian market.



    • Vice-President of Global Protection at Tiffany & Co, David McGowan (USA), who is responsible for the safety of companies of more than 20 countries;

    • Former Security and Store Planning Director of the international corporation De Beers, Michael Viatkine, one of the ten best leaders of the U.S. security services.

(detailed summaries of the webinar’s speakers can be found in the appendix)

          The program of the webinar:

Topic 1. The concept of safety: the American view
Topic 2. The range of tasks of manager (owner) of the Company to implement the safety concept
Topic 3. The influence of corporate culture and the climate to ensure safety on the example of Tiffany & Co.
Topic 4. The staff training as a tool of prevention and solving security problems of company on the example, Gucci Group, De Beers Corporation and Tiffany & Co Security School

The holding time of the webinar: December 4 from 10-00 to 14-00 at Moscow time.

Webinar’s participants will receive a certificate of a standard form of The International Institute of Management RF CCI on professional development.

Optional: after the event the participants will get for a one month an Internet-link of webinar’s recording for viewing in offline mode.

The cost of participation in the webinar is – 250 USD.

Additional discount: for two or more participants from the same organization 10%.

Deadline for entries till December 3, 2012.

Webinar leader David F. McGowan

36 Earle Avenue, Apartment 1
Oakville, CT 06779-1504, USA
860.417.2211 (Home), 917.689.0110 (Mobile)


Business executive experienced in global security; collaborative, enterprise strategic business planning; sensitive multi-cultural and organizational communications; disciplined program/project management and creative application of state-of-the-art technology for business needs. Demonstrated ability to develop and implement cost-effective, value-added and proactive solutions. Effective communication, negotiation, and customer service skills, coupled with the ability to develop, empower, and motivate staff to optimal levels of performance. Demonstrated strengths include:

– Strong Collaborator/Communicator

-Program/Project Management

-Process/Profit Improvement

– Global Security Standards Development

– Strategic/Tactical Planning

– Coaching/Mentoring


TIFFANY & CO. – New York, NY


Global Protection


Vice President-Worldwide Security and Trademark Enforcement Services
Vice President-Corporate Protection Services (effective on 10/01/09)
Vice President-Global Protection (effective on 12/01/10)
Lead global protection organization covering operations in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Japan related to physical security, executive protection, incident and emergency management, investigations, business intelligence, guard force management, training and awareness, and trademark enforcement.

    • Manage $25M financial plan including fixed and variable costs, personnel expenses and capital expenditures. Annually improve expense to sales ratio contributing to overall profitability.
    • Manage and coach a driven director-level, multi-cultural team focused on successfully aligning security strategy with corporate and business channel goals.
    • Manage protection of 300+ unique, multi-functional business campuses worldwide: executive management suite; corporate workspace; proprietary design studios; advertising production studios; diamond trading centers, cutting and polishing plants; archive collection studio; Information Technology operations center; retail stores; distribution centers; jewelry manufacturing centers.
    • Created and piloted virtual security concept in Japan market; subsequently expanded proven concept worldwide leveraging physical security system infrastructure to manage security remotely and significantly reduce requirement and expenses for on-site staffing.
    • Drove development and implementation of a worldwide incident management plan post 9/11 to support elevated emergency preparedness and streamlined communications to handle business interruption in all operations 24/7.
    • Drove realignment of corporate responsibility for trademark protection and designed, developed and manage all on-going enforcement operations. Broadened scope and intensity of enforcement to on-line auctions, websites and brick-and-mortar operations. Improved number of items seized and significantly improved return on investment by 50% between 2007 and 2008.
    • Recognized as an industry leader and subject matter expert and actively recruited to speak and present at various local law enforcement and industry related events worldwide including recently the National Retail Federation, ASIS and the International Air Transportation Association.

Security Services


Managed loss prevention initiatives related to U.S. retail stores, supply chain operations, investigations and physical security.

    • Managed the concept approval, curriculum design and financial plan for a state-of-the-art Security Training School for new hire security officer on-boarding, training and testing. Reduced turnover at the supervisor level from 30% to 10% and at the security officer level from 20% to 12%. Improved security’s front door presence resulting in the reduction of in-store crimes and enhancing stores’ “greeting” scores via the company’s Gallop poll initiative.
    • Redesigned and implemented a companywide modernization of the physical security construction standards and business system standards driving network-based access, surveillance and key system solutions. Migrated to a non-proprietary based alarm solution resulting in significant annual savings for all U.S. locations; and an improved process to validate accurate shop drawings, blueprints and installation of critical protective construction elements for real estate development.



Loss Prevention and Safety


Managed loss prevention and safety initiatives for the corporate campuses, the NYC Flagship, the U.S. Retail Factory Outlet store division, and distribution centers.

    • Managed an $8M financial plan including fixed and variable costs, personnel expenses and capital expenditures. Annually improved expense to sales ratio contributing to overall profitability.
    • Identified opportunity and collaborated with finance-profit improvement team to develop and implement a $2M annual cost improvement solution for managing design studio samples.
    • Developed, introduced and managed a loss prevention program for the U.S. Retail Factory Outlet stores identifying significant sources of loss resulting from crime and paperwork administration reducing shrink targets annually.
    • Commissioned by senior management to partner with insurer resources and drive the development and implementation of a business recovery and continuity plan. Identified critical points of failure and introduced remediation strategies to ensure the integrity of the supply chain securing customer confidence and reducing related insurance premiums.



Loss Prevention, Corporate Loss Prevention Manager

CALDOR, INC. – Norwalk, CT


Loss Prevention, Corporate Loss Prevention Manager
Loss Prevention, Regional Loss Prevention Manager
Security, Regional Investigator
Security, Area Loss Prevention Manager
Security, Store Security Manager


BA, Political Science – The College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA, 1986


Member, International Security Management Association (ISMA)
“Security Director of the Year”, Access Control and Security Systems Magazine, September 2006
Editorial Board of Directors, Loss Prevention Magazine, 2001-2008
Technology Subcommittee, Jewelers’ Security Alliance, 2000-2004
President, Retail Loss Prevention Association of NYC, 1998

Registration for the webinar and Technical requirements

Registration for the webinar online:

Webinar will be conducted in Russian and English in two virtual classes.

English-speaking participants must register into the “English class”, Russian-speaking into the “Russian class”

Further to the registered participants will be sent via e-mail account on cashless payment and nearer of holding of webinar will be sent login and password to login.

Internet-link to access to the webinar (December 4, at 10:00 am, Moscow time) and technical testing (December 3, at 12:00 am, Moscow time):

E-mail to register:

Phone: +7 (495) 620-02-09

Technical requirements to participate in the webinar (Internet seminar)

To participate in the webinar you need computer (laptop) connected to Internet with acoustics, in addition it is possible to connect webcam and a microphone.

Recommended speed of connection is from 256 kbps. This speed is available practically on any connection from office or home (LAN, ADSL, WiFi).

The webinar format allows to keep high quality of training: each listener sees and hears the teacher, sees slides, can download training materials and fill tasks, at any time can address an online question to the teacher or other participants.

Technical testing of the webinar participants will take place on December 3 at 12-00 Moscow time according to the Internet reference

It is possible to test the computer independently according to an Internet reference

We recommend to use the Google Chrome Internet browser.

Rules for webinar participants:

1. For all the webinar participants it is necessary to be registered, test and adjust in advance computer equipment (Organizers of a webinar don’t bear responsibility for incorrectly adjusted equipment, the software of the webinar participants and violation of work of the local Internet providers, rendering services of Internet communication to participants of the webinar). Insignificant hardly noticeable delays in video image and a sound during webinar aren’t considered as defects.

2. It is forbidden to participants of the webinar to flood in a webinar chat (to write incorrect, senseless, repeated words and phrases). Violators after one warning will be banned (possibility to write in a chat for them will be closed). The request is to be polite – your messages are seen by your colleagues from other regions.

3. Entering the webinar system participants of the webinar are obliged to enter the true data: First name, middle, last name, name of the organization, city, etc. (Example: Ivanov, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Moscow). Participants with uncertain data after warning will be removed from the system.