Psychological Aspects of Management Development:

BJM Consulting is a company of management consultants and corporate psychologists serving local, national, and global corporations by providing psychological and management consultation.

We strive to be globally recognized as the foremost exponents of creating and delivering solutions that produce the desired results for our clients. To do this, we integrate the knowledge base of psychology with experience of leading executives to make a positive and significant contribution to the human endeavour, thus to the success of an organization.

We work with our clients as advisors, coaches, specialists, facilitators and trainers, bringing the tangible benefits of psychology to individuals, teams and organizations.

Our basic premise is that psychology and behavioral science have much to offer to those working in organizations and the organizations themselves. We work with organizations to leverage the impact that human factors have on overall organizational effectiveness. Our approach combines the findings of modern psychology with innovative models of management practices, leadership and profitable business operation.

We devote our full attention to advising CEOs and other human capital leaders on psychological aspects of managing complex organizations, with a special interest in:

  • Leadership Assessment
  • Leadership Development
  • Leadership Effectiveness
  • Managing relationships
  • Team Building
  • Thinking outside the box
  • Development of emotional intelligence (EQ)
Executive Management Training:

Our executive training programs underline psychological aspects necessary for the development and enhancement of the following key characteristics vital for successful performance of management in security industry:

  1. Adaptability
  2. Flexibility
  3. Stress resistance
  4. Ability to make quick decisions
  5. Motivation
  6. Ability to predict other’s reactions – profiling, forecasting.
  7. Communication
  8. Control of negative emotions
  9. Multitasking
  10. Leadership

Security and Risk-Management Consulting

– Seminar Topics:

  1. Security Personnel Motivation
  2. Process of Interview/Hiring of Security Personnel
  3. The Process of Decision-making
  4. Identity Theft
  5. The Best Security/Loss Prevention Practices and Industry Standards
  6. Professional Challenges and Liabilities
  7. Avoiding the Law Suits
  8. Trademark Management and Protection in the USA Luxury Design Fashion Market
Training Services:

Our comprehensive Training Services for Security Executives and Personnel builds on our foundational understanding of risks, threats, vulnerabilities in any marketplace as well as psychological aspects involved in the development of key characteristics and skills for effective and efficient performance of human capital.

Security Guards Training:

Our work is focused on helping organizations select, develop, understand, and organize what we believe to be their most important asset:  people.

The benefits of the BJM Security Guard training include:

    • Increased employee satisfaction and loyalty
    • Increased efficiency
    • Increased productivity
    • Increased employee retention
Security Consulting Service Package:
  1. Regular Security/Loss Prevention Service:
    • Creation and implementation security (access control; physical security; executive protection; special event and transportation; etc.) and/or loss prevention (shortage reduction; internal audits; credit card fraud prevention; identity theft; etc.) programs.
    • Security System Planning and Deployment Cycle (determine the security needs of business entity; define and plan the action course; execution).
    • National-wide unarmed and armed security coverage due to the business needs of Client by using our developed professional network in the US.
    • Security Infrastructure and new store openings (design CCTV, alarm and access control systems, fire alarm security system, protection of premise, etc). Address the interrelations and importance of planning, implementing, and managing security systems; help to select the best systems (maintainable, high performance, cost-justified) and supportive infrastructure.
    • Training and development of security personnel; store and corporate employees; management.
  2. Additional Security/Loss Prevention Service:
    • Assessment of Vulnerability for existing and new businesses.
    • Review the elements of Crime Prevention approach (pro-active security measures; deterrence; awareness; training; inventory control; etc.).
    • Teach the best security practice (best practices and strategies for managing and training the security personnel and employees; using security systems; emergency management and response; daily security operations; security management concepts; physical security; loss prevention management; etc.)
    • Store Planning (evaluate architectures design and achievable result of new store’ constructions; its compliance with business operations and planned budget; apply business rules to streamline operational policies and procedures; review liabilities).
    • Internal and external investigations. Interviews and interrogations. General Loss Interview. Recovery of loss.
    • Employee Safety (safety audits; work place violence; evacuation and emergency planning; etc.)
  3. Overseas Investigations:
    • Gathering/searching a personal information about the subject (criminal background check; administrative violations/arrests; verification of address).
    • Full Asset search of the subject property in Russian Federation (any location).
    • Gathering/searching a business information about any firm or organization (business address; type of business; business partners; credit history; legal and financial status; shareholders; merchant bank; etc.). Comprehensive Media Search: physical person or business entity (Russian internet, magazine and newspaper article).
    • Physical, Audio, Electronic Surveillance.
    • Confidential Investigations; Investigative Expertize; Investigative Operations (including UC).
    • Verification and Authentication of Documents.