• I have been associated with the Luxury Retail Industry for over 25 years. As a Director of the Flagship store at DeBeers in New York City, I was involved and worked with the security department on a daily basis for almost three years. Our security department was involved in all aspects of the business operations: shipping / receiving; daily reconciliation of the inventory control, safety audits, customer service, maintenance, and communicating with vendors and all security issues. Of course , all of these critical parts of my business required and demanded a multi-functional and effective security team.

    During weekly meetings I have observed on several occasions a very different approach that was given by Michael Viatkine – a Security Director at DeBeers with his security personnel. This is the first time I have witnessed training that included some special psychological techniques that I am not familiar with. The effect this method had on the security staff was tremendous, increasing performance and productivity. In all my years in this industry this was by far the best, and most professional security team I have had the privilege to work with. Because of that, there were no reported losses in my store in this very challenging New York City area. I highly recommend this powerful training to any Luxury Retailer who requires a secure safe environment for his staff and customers, and an exceptional, effective security department.

    James Turi

  • As the Director of High Jewelry for DeBeers Diamond Jewellers for the past 7 years I have had close interaction with our DeBeers Security Department on a constant basis. Primarily due to our many VIP client presentations and photo shoots of our High Jewelry across the United States.

    I have seen the colossal positive effects from our security personnel in regards to performance and productivity due to the special training techniques that were provided by Mr. Michael Viatkine. In my 20 plus years in the Luxury Retail environment I have not encountered a more reliable and security conscious team.

    I would highly recommend this special security training to any luxury retailer that would like to see great improvements from their security team.

    Karen Adams